Twists are the game-changing adjustments made to the original format of the game seen in Survivor: Borneo. In the Joker's Cove Survivor ORG Wiki, twists have been incorporated since Survivor: French Polynesia and have continued since. The twists may affect the amount of players, division of tribes, or just overall how the game is played. The chart below lists every twist per season, in which most are planned pre-season.

Twists Per SeasonEdit

Season Twist/Changes
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Twists by AppearanceEdit

  Jokers Cove ORG
Seasons French Polynesia Malaysia New Zealand Cape Verde
Hidden Immunity Idols Debut Present
Tribe Swap Debut Present
3 or More Starting Tribes Debut Present Present
First Impressions Debut
Outcasts Debut
Outcasts Idol Debut
Loser's Perk Debut
The Bottle Debut
Exile Island Debut Present
Super Idol Debut
Returning Players Debut Present
Iha Debut
Artifacts Debut
No Starting Tribes Debut
Redemption Island Debut