The Bottle
Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist where a random note impacted the Day 37 Immunity Challenge
Appearance(s) Survivor: French Polynesia

The Bottle is a twist that originated in Survivor: French Polynesia and has not since reappeared. The twist sees one person be forced to randomly choose a note containing an extra immunity necklace for the Night 37 Tribal Council or a disqualification from the Day 37 Immunity challenge.


At the Survivor Auction Noah bought a covered item that was a bottle that would come into play later in the game and could not be flushed out. When Noah was voted out on Day 34, he handed The Bottle to Stephane. The bottle then came into play on Day 37 when Stephane was informed that inside the bottle there was two notes, one gave extra immunity, one gave a disqualification from the Day 37 Immunity Challenge. Stephane was given the option to keep the bottle or give it away, and gave it to Lucas. Lucas ended up choosing the note that secretly contained a disqualification and was eliminated that night.