Day ZeroEdit

The game will begin at 0:00 UTC tomorrow with the release of the tribes and castaways. By now you have been told if you are a castaway or not. In preparation please read the rulebook in the section below, and follow this link for a UTC time converter: When the game starts all castaways will be invited to Facebook group. Good luck to all 21 castaways and enjoy the game!!!


You may talk to anybody in the game, weather they be on your tribe or not, HOWEVER bribing the jury is not allowed and if caught will result in disqualification.

In all tribal challenges it is assumed that you can work with other tribe members UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED

It is assumed that all players will play the challenge in the way it was intended to be played. If you encounter a glitch, message the host that is running that challenge to ask if it is allowed. Anybody who glitches the challenge will be punished accordingly.

You must do each challenge in the individual section individually, you may not have another person help you.

You must do each challenge yourself, you CANNOT have another person contestant or not do a challenge for you.

Any cases of cyberbulling another castaway will result in a warning, if continued, the castaway doing the bulling will be disqualified from the game.

All twists will accure without warning and have been preplanned.

Failure to vote in a tribal council will result in a self-vote. If you self-vote twice you will be eliminated from the game along with the person voted out that night.

Failure to attempt in 2 straight challenges will result in disqualification UNLESS you tell the host in charge you will not be able to compete. This does not apply if you are sat out of a challenge.

All confessionals, votes, and challenge scores must be sent to


Follow this link:

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