First Impressions
Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist where people are voted off on Day 1
Appearance(s) Survivor: French Polynesia

First Impressions is a twist that originated in Survivor: French Polynesia and has not since reappeared. The twist sees each tribe vote somebody out at the very start of the game; however in Survivor: French Polynesia the people voted out were not permanently out of the game due to the Outcasts Twist.


In Survivor: French Polynesia, after tribes were released, Tekao, Fatu and Temetiu were instructed to vote for one member of their tribe. Tekao voted out Stephen, Fatu voted out Jacob and Temetiu voted out Kevin C.. However, the three contestants voted out remained in the game, however they were sent to the Outcasts Tribe to fight their way back into the game. Stephen returned to the game on Day 11, and was voted out for a second time on Day 36. Jacob and Kevin C. were both eliminated on the Day 2 immunity challenge.