Exile Island
Survivor Gameplay
Description A place where a castaway is banished and searches for the Hidden Immunity Idol, or in some cases Artifacts
Appearance(s) Survivor: Malaysia
Survivor: New Zealand

Exile Island (also known as Exile or Exile Jungle) is a twist to first appear in Survivor: Malaysia. A castaway is banished to Exile Island for one day at a certain time to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol or as in Survivor: New Zealand, the Artifacts


A tribe member is Banished to Exile Island every episode to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. They will miss any event that takes place during their time on Exile, so whoever has the power to send a castaway to Exile should keep that in mind, while knowing they may potentially give away an idol to that person


Survivor: MalaysiaEdit

In Survivor: Malaysia pre-merge the winning tribe of an Immunity Challenge may choose any person to Banish to Exile to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, forcing them to miss Tribal Council, if they are going to tribal council.

Survivor: New ZealandEdit

In Survivor: New Zealand the winner of the immunity challenge will send somebody to Exile Island to look for the Artifacts. The person Exiled would miss the next tribal council.

Castaways BanishedEdit

Survivor MalaysiaEdit

Days 2-3: Solar

Days 5-6: Solar

Days 8-9: Solar