Day 31 - Roast challenge

So here is my roast..

First off, to Alfons : You say I suck in orgs, I have only one thing to answer you about it..

The-only-one-fabulous-around o 2635049

Perry : You know I love when you sing, I just want you to stay with that voice and not have you voice grow.. otherwise

Never-Sing-Never o 120608

Stephen : Coming back from the Outcast tribe :p

Tumblr lkop67utMW1qdvwefo1 400

And also Steph²

There-can-be-only-one o 464105

Noah : When I hear people freaking out about the bottle.. that's what I imagine them doing

When-someone-starts-singing-justin-bieber o 440287

When alfons win Immunity for the 4588465 times.. 

Goats-Passing-Out-Via-an-Umbrella o 93369

What will probably happend the day he won't win immunity.. "and Alfons pull an idol from his pocket.." 

Everyday o 2932369

How I imagine Lucas each time he survive to a tribal

Party o 615272

DB, you know I like you :) Say it!!