Day 25: Survivor Auction

Each castaway was given $1,000

1. 5 idol guesses sold to DB for $80

2. An advantage in the next immunity challenge sold to Alfons for $1,000

3. Double vote usable until Day 36 sold to Stephen for $1,000

4. A covered item that turned out to be nothing sold to Perry for $280

5. Idol clue sold to Nokomis for $1,000

6. A covered item that was the oppertunity to steal a persons money sold to Stephane for $1,000. He takes Lucas's $1,000

7. A covered item that was nothing sold to Stephane for $1,000

8. An express pass that garentees immunity usable until day 36, but looses your vote at the next tribal sold to Jon for $1,000

9. Power to negate a vote usable until until day 36 sold to Perry for $240

10. A covered item that turned out be be a bottle that could not be flushed from the game sold to Noah for $5005