Welcome Uga Buluga to your first tribal council. Before we vote i need to remind everyone that due to the Loser's Perk twist Stephane choose to keep immunity, but in the process gave a double vote to Kevin. 

Stephane: Why did you choose to keep immunity over the double vote?

Kevin: Do you belive that there is any reason Stephane gave you a double vote or that it was just he wanted to keep immunity?

Trevor: Why did you not submit a score?

Nokomis: Where do you think loyalties lie in this game? With switched tribes, original tribes, or a combinattion of both?

Lucas: What is more importaint to you tonight, loyalty or getting out challenge threats?

Stephen: Do you think being an Outcast at one point will hurt you during the game, or do you think it really matters?

Perry: The new idol should be easier to find then the others. Have you been  searching? How many others do think have submitted guesses?

Jon: Where do you feel you stand in the game? Do you feel safe? Or do you think your going to Ponderosa tonight?

Alfons: How many of the people left in this game do you think have lied straight up to your face?

Noah: What kind of impact to you think the Loser's Perk twist will bring to the merge? What would have you done if you were Stephane?

DB: Who do you think will be going tonight?