Day 23: Immunity Challenge Results

I have the results....

11th: Trevor with 0

10th: Kevin with 2,048

9th: Stephen with 2,292

8th: Lucas with 3,528

7th: Nokomis with 4,688

6th: Jon with 4,780

5th: Alfons with 9,684

4th: DB with 12,328

3rd: Perry with 17,428

2nd: Noah with 20,224

Meaning immunity goes to: Stephane with 23,692

Now to the new twist......

Stephane you just won immunity.... You can now give your immunity up and get a double vote, however whatever you don't take goes to the lowest submitted score. So, if you keep immunity then Kevin who finished 10th (Trevor did not submit) will get a double vote. If you want the double vote then Kevin will get immunity. Big choice for the winner. And also, now if you want to take the risk you can try to throw a challenge, get a low score and get the other reward. This will continue until day 36.