Day 22: Announcement

Congratulations on making the merge and the Jury stage. From now on you will all be finalists and Jury members. What better way to start of the merge than with some twists!!!!


Returning from the Outcasts is Trevor!!!!. Also the Outcasts twist is NO MORE, from now on when you are voted out you head right to Ponderosa as you are done!


You have been marooned on a new beach, meaning there is a new idol. A combination can be made from these 4 Survivor Seasons:

Borneo, Africa, Marquesas, Thailand.

Idol guesses must be sent to and you can guess once every 12 hours. This idol must be played as you vote and is usable until Day 36.


The merge tribe color and tribe name is up to you! So you have until 0:00 UTC (8:00 PM EST) to give me your tribe name and color.