Day 11: Mutiny Results + Reward Challenge

First we will get to the Mutiny results.......

  • Nokomis steps off the Temetiu mat and joins Tekao*

Nobody else mutinying? 

  • Lucas steps of the Temetiu mat and joins Tekao*

Ok, so we had two mutinies , Nokomis and Lucas, who both swiched to the Tekao tribe, however before I give your your new buff........

I would like everybody to drop your buffs because it was a fake mutiny, and all you did was show where your true loyalties lie. Your new tribes are........

Tekao in Purple: Connor, Perry, Jon, Alfons.

Fatu: Stephane, Lucas, Nick, Nokomis

Temetiu: DB, Noah, June, Kevin

Now, to the challenge, for todays reward challenge you will be playing....... Park My Big Rig 2! The team with the highest average score will win. All scores are due by 4:00 UTC March 17th (Midnight March 16/17th EST) and must be sent to OR SAM'S FACEBOOK BY THIS TIME Want to know what your playing for?

You will be playing for................ Trev and Stephen!!!!!!!!!! Those two Outcasts were the only ones to submit their votes so they will be returning. The winning tribe will choose first, second will get who the winning tribe does not choose. So, being the winner in this challenge will give your tribe a numbers advantage. Huge reward! Also Trev and Stephen will have immunity at the first tribal council that they attend, if they do not attend one of the next two tribals that immunity will expire. Survivors ready? GO!!!!!!!!!!