Come on in guys!








Connor, Perry, I will take back the idols. *Takes idols*









Once again, immunity, back up for grabs. For today’s challenge, you will be playing a game called Cave of Despair. (Link- You’re goal is to get the highest average score possible.









In this challenge, standard Outcasts rules apply- whoever loses to the Outcasts will go to tribal and if the Outcasts come in last, the 3rd place tribe goes to tribal and they vote someone out to join the highest scoring outcast.












Temetiu and Fatu, you must sit out three people.








Your deadline is March 13th, 18:45 UTC






Fatu, due to winning the last reward challenge, all of your tribes individual scores will be increased by 10%










I’ll give you a moment to strategize and we will get started








For immunity…