Come on in guys!








Temetiu and Fatu, getting your first look at the Tekao and Outcast tribes, Patryk voted out at the last tribal council- he now joins the outcast tribe.








The next challenge is very simple. It is called lie to me.








You will send me 3 statements, 2 of them will be the truth and one will be a lie. Once I receive all of the statements, they will be posted and your goal is to guess the other tribes’ false statements. Each time you guess correctly you receive a point for your tribe. Outcasts, because you have less people, you will omit from guessing two peoples answers (it does not matter who’s you skip). As for Temetiu and Fatu, you must sit out two players. Remember, you can not sit out players in back to back challenges.





You are playing for reward











The reward is- a 3 hour extension at the next immunity challenge. This means that if the challenge is due at 0:00 UTC for everyone else it is not due until 3:00 UTC for you.







Survivors ready, go!

You have 18 hours to submit your statements and if they are not submitted, you wil not be eligible to guess in the second portion of the challenge.