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• 3/4/2014


Come on in guys!





















Fatu and Temetiu getting your first look at the new Tekao tribe. Orange voted out at the last tribal council.









Now, Fatu, Temetiu, and Tekao getting your first look at the new Outcast tribe. Kevin C. and Jacob disqualified, while Orange joins Stephen.










FP Immunity Idol

So today you will be playing a game called Acid Factory. (Link- Simply help Harry through his acid flooded lab and you can win immunity and reward.





The tribe with the best score will win immunity as well as another clue to the location of their hidden immunity idol.


Additionaly, whichever tribes lose to the Outcasts will be seeing me tomorrow night at tribal council.






If the Outcasts come in last place, whichever person between Orange and Steven who HAS THE HIGHEST SCORE will stay on the Outcasts while the 3rd place tribe goes to tribal to vote someone off.




We are going by the average scores, and yes, all scores including inactives will count this time.

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• 3/2/2014
I played this game in my early childhood D: memories
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